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XREX Acquires Money Services Business License from Canada’s FINTRAC

The Eastern Herald 26 Jan 2022
Wayne Huang, XREX comprises a team of experts in compliance, cryptocurrency, blockchain, fintech, and cross-border payments ... Our blockchain-driven solutions create a collective financial system that empowers all to participate and contribute to the global economy.

Kraken positions Cardano ahead of Ethereum in a recent report

Inside Bitcoins 25 Jan 2022
The Kraken exchange has published a report that lays out the immense potential of the Cardano blockchain, which makes it superior to competing blockchains, including Ethereum. Cardano and Ethereum are some of the oldest blockchain networks, but the former only recently launched smart contracts.

Cryptocurrency in 2022: looking ahead

TechRadar 25 Jan 2022
Blockchain systems allow for this value to be transferred, stored and recorded on a verifiable ledger ... Outside of money, blockchain technology can revolutionise systems and improve efficiency across all industries ... to how Apple builds apps on top of its iOS operating system.

XDC Network Takes Center Stage Amid Solana Network Crash

NewsBTC 25 Jan 2022
Smart Contract Developers are now eyeing alternative blockchain networks LUNA, BSC and XDC Network. The crypto world continues to develop its technology to provide the best blockchain experience to all its users in the space ... These recent blockchain network issues encountered by the SOL network upset some of the crypto community members.

LBank Weekly Listing Report, 24th January 2022

LB News 25 Jan 2022
TOSC is a utility token for blockchain payments. In order to solve the problems of speed and price volatility that occur when making payments using cryptocurrency, TOSC uses a hybrid payment system consisting of a public blockchain and a private blockchain.

New “Twitter Crypto” Team Aims To Explore NFTs, web3 and Metaverse

FX Empire 25 Jan 2022
The opening for a Senior Product Manager, Crypto requires a candidate to have familiarity with dapps, blockchain interoperability protocols, blockchain scaling protocols, P2P systems, byzantine fault-tolerant distributed systems, or web3 primitives (like NFTs and DAOs).

5 key trends that will rule India’s gaming industry in 2022

Your Story 25 Jan 2022
With the implementation of blockchain technology into the payment system, gamers will have the two things they desire the most – control and transparency ... As we see an increase in the number of players who look to break into the industry, we shall also witness blockchain up-end and open new opportunities for them.

Crypto pioneer David Chaum says web3 is ‘computing with a conscience’

Crunch 25 Jan 2022
Chaum’s ultimate goal is absolute security and privacy when it comes to everything from payments to voting systems, and, as he said, “the inability for service providers to gain an advantage over their users.” And he sees Web3 and blockchain as integral parts of that equation.

The rise of the crypto mayors

Finance & Commerce 25 Jan 2022
The mayors’ embrace of crypto is also a recognition that its underlying blockchain technology — essentially a distributed ledger system — may create new revenue streams for cities and reshape some basic functions of local government ... A decentralized city government built on blockchain technology has been a long-standing goal of crypto fans.

Gold Standard DAO | Creating a Sustainable Platform with Dynamic Taxation and Gold Standard

Crypto Shib 25 Jan 2022
It decentralizes the entire system and turns it into a self-governing environment leaving out the policymakers from deciding the fate of the value of gold at any point ... With GSDAO and blockchain integrated into this system, users enjoy more control over their investment and enjoy a better outcome.

Is The Lightning Network Centralized?

Bitcoin Magazine 25 Jan 2022
If Bitcoin separates money from state, but we are just creating another centralized system to replace the old one, then what’s the point? As Rick from “Rick And Morty” would say, “That just sounds like slavery with extra steps.” ... The Fiat Layer 2 System ... Clearly, it takes a lot to facilitate transactions within this system.

Crypto Markets Continue To Grow Despite a Global Pandemic

The Daily Hodl 24 Jan 2022
How is this landscape perfect for an emerging financial system destined to revolutionize the world? Is now the best time to join the blockchain movement, and what are the best practices for it if you are part of a crypto project? ... Perhaps it’s best to compare cryptocurrencies, DLT and blockchain to the history of planet Earth.

MetaVisa Will Start the IEO Sale of MESA Token on BitMart

The Daily Hodl 24 Jan 2022
By analyzing blockchain data, MetaVisa protocol helps users establish and display reliable on-chain identity and credit records and makes it easier for DeFi, NFT, GameFi, DAO and other DApps to better serve their users through our credit system, which we call the MetaVisa protocol credit score.

Phemex Targets Metaverse and NFTs: Adds New Offerings for Trading

CryptoPotato 24 Jan 2022
Phemex has been vocal in its support for the metaverse, and with blockchain-based non-fungible token projects at the heart of the metaverse movement today, it only makes sense they onboard projects like SAND, ALICE, ANKR, GTC, YGG, AGLD, and SLP ... Tao was quick to see the potential blockchain could pose to the world of financial services.

Shade Protocol and SupraOracles Enter a Partnership

CryptoNewsZ 24 Jan 2022
Simply speaking, the Oracle system is a set of protocols and nodes that are used in order to connect the communication between different blockchain networks and channels ... The hacking attempts continue to hamper the growth potential of the Web3 market, with many blockchain networks ...

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