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Soldex Secures VC Funding from CSP DAO

Bitcoinist 20 Sep 2021
In their mission statement to make financial systems accessible, CSP DAO combines the best elements of decentralized finance with fundraising, offering a unique blockchain system designed to address fair investment rights. CSP DAO is reputable for giving access to cutting-edge blockchain projects through early-stage funding rounds.

Defi Hack Alert: This protocol lost over $12 million in Bitcoin (BTC)

CoinGape 20 Sep 2021
The Defi protocol, pNetwork alerted the community of a 277 Bitcoin (BTC) hack, which amounts to 12.67 million in USD. The network revealed that the attacker installed a bug on the Binance Blockchain codebase of pNetwork ... The other bridges were not affected ... “To the black hat hacker ... The Defi hack trend has taken the better of the blockchain system ... .

Everything You Need To Know About Covesting Yield Accounts, Coming Soon

Swords Today 20 Sep 2021
The only problem with DeFi protocols of such nature is that users must connect directly to the application from their blockchain wallet, which often requires technical expertise to approve transactions ... The system itself connects to top DeFi protocols like Uniswap but without tinkering with the blockchain and putting assets at unnecessary risk.

DeFi hack: Hackers steal $12.7m from pNetwork

Cryptopolitan 20 Sep 2021
TL;DR Breakdown. DeFi platform pNetwork hit by crypto hackers.Hackers stole 277 Bitcoin worth $12.6m.Series of platform on Binance Smart Chain has been subject to DeFi hack in 2021. pNetwork, a cross-chain Defi protocol, has become the latest to be hit by hackers ... The Defi hack trend has taken the better of the blockchain system.

Smart Contracts Running on Bitcoin? Internet Computer Founder Explains How It’s Possible

NewsBTC 19 Sep 2021
Its smart contracts are also the first to be able to securely serve web content directly to end-users without intermediaries, with support for the new Internet Identity anonymizing blockchain authentication system allowing users to sign-on to dapps (decentralized applications) ...

Why Did NFTs Explode in 2021?

Cryptopolitan 19 Sep 2021
However, unlike traditional collectibles, these are verifiably unique via a “unique identifier” on the blockchain ... One of the most exciting features of blockchain is that it allows for a distributed ledger system without centralized control, and therefore eliminates fraud.

Telcoin Price Prediction 2021-2028

Cryptopolitan 19 Sep 2021
Blockchain technology has been instrumental in developing novel financial solutions aimed at resolving primary everyday difficulties, and more than ever before, the demand for cryptocurrency innovations is on the uprise ... Telcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency and remittance system built on Ethereum.

Polls close in Russia's parliamentary election after last ballots cast in westernmost Kaliningrad region

Russia Today 19 Sep 2021
The last polling stations closed at 20.00 local time (6pm GMT) in the Kaliningrad Region, Russia's westernmost enclave territory on the Baltic Sea ... The electronic voting system, which uses blockchain technology to assure safety and transparency of the electoral process, was being used for the first time at such a high-level election.

What are Some of the Practical Innovations that the Online Casino Industry Uses?

NULLTX 19 Sep 2021
These additions, though, end up enhancing the overall experience ... These can enter the millions and payout to players in a lottery-like system ... The system is infallible, and there is no way that anyone could ever predict the sequence ... Nowadays, there is a wealth of payment systems to choose from, including blockchain-based services like Bitcoin ... ....

DeFi has exploded by 800 percent but has a long way to go mainstream

Cryptopolitan 19 Sep 2021
TL;DR Breakdown ... What is DeFi?. Decentralized Finance is a form of Finance that relies on blockchain forms or distributed systems and does not involve financial . DeFi involves the trading and investment of digital assets. Since the rise of the cryptocurrency markets, DeFi has attempted to go mainstream in the finance sector ... DeFi adoption ... ....

How Patientory Solves the Problems of the Current Electronic Health Records Systems

Cryptopolitan 18 Sep 2021
Although the system offers many advantages, it also has shortcomings that have recently become too apparent to ignore ... However, Patientory, a decentralized app (dApp) running on blockchain technology, offers a viable solution to the frailties of the current EHR system. The EHR system and its uses ... Drawbacks of the EHR system.

Wyoming-based DAO files S-1 with SEC for token distribution

The Block 18 Sep 2021
DAOs are leadership structures for grassroots economies run on the blockchain, and can contain secondary markets for exchanging governance tokens that members use to express consensus on leadership decisions for the group ... Federal Reserve system in the S-1, touting inflation control and maximum employment in its decentralized system.

Elrond (EGLD) price analysis: correction or end of the rally?

Invezz 18 Sep 2021
Elrond is a highly scalable, fast, and secure blockchain platform that offers developers, validators, and businesses to build a new internet economy. According to its official website, Elrond brings 1000 times improvement in blockchain speed, scale, cost, and user experience.

How to beat your summer ‘revenge shopping’ debt

The Buffalo News 18 Sep 2021
What is cryptocurrency? Is it really likely to replace our current cash system? Stacker answers all these questions and more in our closer look at Bitcoin and the world of cryptocurrencies ... What is a blockchain? ... In particular, the blockchain system that governs most of these currencies has the power to change the future.

Turkey establishes research platform to develop digital currency

The Times of India 18 Sep 2021
NEW DELHI ... The objective behind this is to create a digital version of the national currency Lira. Separate agreements have been inked with two defense and technology companies for the same. Cryptocurrency ... Implementation of blockchain technology, development of payment systems based on distributed ledgers and integration with instant payment systems ... .