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Central Bank of Colombia Announces First Blockchain Bond Pilot Program

Bitcoin 24 Jul 2021
The role of the central bank will be to run an observing node in the blockchain and support the issuance in its high-value payments system ... While Colombia has not been known for its adoption of cryptocurrencies or blockchain, the country is slowly introducing its financial system to the idea of these new technologies.

Amazon In Search of Crypto Executives, Says It’s Inspired By the Innovation In this Industry

CoinGape 24 Jul 2021
In its recent job posting, Amazon is looking to hire a Product Lead executive for Digital Currency and Blockchain. The job role for this profile will be to “innovate on behalf of customers within the payments and financial system” ... Amazon is already working on developments taking place in the blockchain space.

NFT Fatigue: Exploring the mania beyond Art and Music

Crypto Economy 24 Jul 2021
Blockchain Domain NFTs. The latest arrival in the blockchain party is the Blockchain domain NFTs ... Fascinating as they sound, Blockchain domain NFTs are the hottest new cryptographic assets in town. A blockchain-powered domain system enables the owners to control their domains with the help of private keys.

A Cryptocurrency that merges the worlds of blockchain and real estate is here

Live Mint 23 Jul 2021
A breakthrough crypto-coin called FOHO Coin that converges the worlds of Blockchain, Real Estate and Technology is here. FOHO aims to build a blockchain-based transparent and trust- incentivizing system ... FOHO Haus is a blockchain-based residential real estate marketplace wherein people can buy and sell fractions of residential property.

Price Prediction for Polygon Crypto

Changelly 23 Jul 2021
This is due to the hype around Ethereum-based decentralized finance (DeFi) tokens that slows down the work of the blockchain ... MATIC runs on the Polygon system, which is a second layer network designed to add scalability to Ethereum and improve the interaction between its blockchains.

The best of both worlds – Bitpanda lists Binance Coin (BNB)

bitpanda 23 Jul 2021
Binance Chain is a blockchain software system that can be used for sending and receiving BNB, issuing new tokens, for burning, minting, freezing and unfreezing tokens and proposals for the creation of trading pairs of two different tokens.

The Shanghai Rural Commercial Bank Has Used Blockchain Technology to Develop A Cross-border RMB Trade Financing Transfer Service Platform

ChainDD 23 Jul 2021
... landed the first purchase business in the secondary market of Forfaiting, a cross-border RMB trade financing transfer service platform of China rural Credit System.

India needs an RBI digital currency

The Economic Times 23 Jul 2021
... into the blockchain-based model that identifies accounts.

Research by University of Surrey and Arqit reveals Quantum Threat to Digital Assets

The Marshall News Messenger 23 Jul 2021
He conducted his PhD research in post quantum cryptography applied to blockchain at the University of Surrey ... Stephen has a passion for building secure systems and protecting privacy, and writes extensively about security, privacy, and quantum technologies. He represents the UK as a subject matter expert on ISO tc307 blockchain and DLT systems.

Paxos Launches Paxos Settlement Service for Commodities and Achieves Simultaneous Settlement for Multiple Counterparties

The Record 22 Jul 2021
NEW YORK & LONDON, July 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- , the first regulated blockchain infrastructure platform, today announced it has launched the Paxos Settlement Service for commodities ... Charles Cascarilla, CEO and Co-Founder of Paxos, commented, "Paxos uses blockchain based solutions to drive innovation in financial market infrastructure.

Hollywood MPSC Platform Awarded First Nugenesis Nuchain Slot

NULLTX 22 Jul 2021
To successfully make the merge of blockchain technology and smart contracts able to deliver the perfect Intellectual property rights system, combined with the ability to sell, trade, and transfer such rights, requires a much greater level of smart contracts ... With contractual ownership safeguarded through blockchain technology.

Prosus launches crypto payments for PayU users

Business Day 22 Jul 2021
Prosus has taken another swing at blockchain technology, by buying out a crypto platform to beef up its fintech business ... Blockchain, which underpins cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, is a system of recording information that makes it difficult or impossible to change, hack or cheat.

An overview of alternative consensus mechanisms

The Block 22 Jul 2021
... new consensus mechanisms can allow for blockchains to reach agreement based on what they deem important in the system.

Polygon Onboards New Partner to Offer USDC Token to Millions of Customers

Crypto Economy 22 Jul 2021
Ethereum’s second-layers solution Polygon is on a partnership spree ... He also went on add, ... In brief. The blockchain payment system had first entered the DeFi ecosystem in the year 2013 ... Crypto-economy had recently reported that MoonPay, the leading crypto payment provider, revealed its plans to release the platform on Polygon blockchain ... ....

IBM and Amadeus combine platforms to verify traveler health credentials

Hong Kong Standard 22 Jul 2021
IBM's system - which uses encyryption and blockchain technologies to authenticate diagnostic tests such as antigen or PCR - assigns passengers a QR code which indicates whether they are fit to fly, rather than needing boarding-gate attendants to hand-verify the details of each traveller's test.

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